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Improving Patient Outcomes with Equitable Health Journeys

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Accountable care organizations (ACOs) leverage data and population insights to mitigate risk and improve patient health outcomes, and this starts with access to preventive care. Gap closure programs for preventive care include services such as screenings, annual visits, vaccinations, and more. However, only 8% of U.S. adults receive recommended preventive care.

First thing’s first: We need to look at how we’re designing our gap closure programs. Are they patient-centric? How do we take a common problem, such as gap closure, and make it feel bespoke and tailored in consideration to the diverse groups of people ACOs serve today?

Identifying and overcoming barriers to health action are essential in mitigating risk and empowering patients to own their health journey. Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by SriVani Ganti, Director of Health Equity, and Christian Bagge, Vice President of Digital Engagement Strategy & Development, to learn about designing Equitable Health Journeys to deliver better health outcomes and mitigate risk.

Key takeaways:

  • Leveraging data and insights to build tailored outreach programs
  • Key considerations and trends to keep in mind when designing equitable patient journeys
  • Techniques to identifying and overcoming patient barriers to action
  • The impact of building health equity into the design of your programs

Meet Your Speakers

Christian Bagge

Christian Bagge

Title: Vice President, National Plans
Expertise: Over 10 years experience building multi-channel engagement programs that cut through the noise and HELP memberss, Engagement Consulting

SriVani Ganti Headshot-1

SriVani Ganti

Title: Director of Health Equity
Expertise: Outcomes driven health communications. Uplifting at-risk populations pushing for health equity & leveraging Social Determinants of Health for better results.