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Frictionless Healthcare

Fueling Behavior Change to Close Gaps and Improve Experience

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What does it take to be immediate, relevant and frictionless? To get a rocket ship moving you need to increase fuel AND decrease friction. To change behavior, you need to increase fuel which is synonymous with increasing motivation AND decrease friction which can be thought of as removing barriers.

In this webinar, behavioral scientists from mPulse offer breakthrough ideas: 

  • Best practices for healthcare organizations to connect with their patients and move them in ways that other approaches fail to achieve
  • Research on the role of science in behavior change engagement that gets lasting results 
  • Real-world examples from mPulse and beyond which demonstrate why behavioral science works and what it takes to move the needle 
  • Proven techniques that leverage the powerful phones in our pockets to close gaps and improve consumer experience 

Meet Your Speakers


Greg Grould

Title: Senior Solution Engineer
Expertise: Healthcare Communication, Engagement Strategy, Marketing, Program Design


Eden Brownell

Title: Director of Behavioral Science
Expertise: Behavioral Science, Sociology / Anthropology, Psychology