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Activating Healthy Behavior Change in Medicaid & Safety Net Populations

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Activated individuals understand their health better, they take the effort to seek appropriate care and support services, and make sensible lifestyle decisions. Today’s healthcare costs and health outcomes of Medicaid populations reflect low levels of activation: high prevalence of chronic conditions and poor utilization of health services. Healthcare organizations serving the Medicaid population have adopted consumer engagement strategies to try and address these areas, but changing behavior is a complex and multi-faceted challenge. Despite considerable investment, traditional health engagement approaches have struggled to activate members for a range of reasons: 

Medicaid plans must understand the specific individual challenges of their members, and then tailor support and services to help them take action on their health. To achieve this efficiently, effective communication channels, tailored outreach and efficient scalability is necessary.

In this paper, we define Conversational AI as the solution that addresses these challenges and demonstrate multiple success stories.



reduction in members who were unsure of how to get the care they needed after a new member onboarding program


increase in redetermination rates after the implementation of this program


of referrals to the organization's digital therapy program came from this behavioral health program