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Frictionless Healthcare: The Power of Perception

Watch Part 4 of the Frictionless Healthcare Webinar

Understanding Authority Bias in Healthcare

Authority figures can be powerful motivators for behavior change. In mainstream media we see it all the time: celebrity endorsements and social media influencers have the power to impact a brand’s popularity and profit.

In part 4 of our Frictionless Healthcare webinar series, we’ll discuss how healthcare can mimic these trends by using health subject matter experts to influence consumer biases and behaviors.

Lack of representation in the medical field, in addition to a longstanding history of structural racism and discrimination contribute to the lack of trust many health consumers have toward the medical system. Creating empathic, relatable messaging and broadening authoritative representation is no longer optional – it’s an essential component if you want to engage and empower your population at scale.

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by mPulse’s SriVani Ganti, Director of Health Equity, and Eden Brownell, Director of Behavioral Science to discover how to leverage Authority Bias in omnichannel health conversations to be inclusive of diverse health populations in order to reach, engage and motivate your population.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is Authority Bias, and its application in the healthcare landscape
  • How to leverage diverse authority figures to build credibility and trust
  • Success stories and case studies where authority bias was applied among diverse consumer groups to motivate and empower healthier behavior change

Meet Your Speakers


Eden Brownell

Location: Boston, MA
Title: Director of Behavioral Science
Expertise: Behavioral Science, Sociology / Anthropology, Psychology

SriVani Ganti Headshot

SriVani Ganti

Title: Director of Health Equity
Expertise: Outcomes driven health communications. Uplifting at-risk populations pushing for health equity & leveraging SDoH for better Communications, Engagement Strategy