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Frictionless Healthcare: Using Reciprocity to Increase Motivation

Watch Part 2 of the Frictionless Healthcare Webinar

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In part 1 of our Frictionless Healthcare Webinar Series, we discussed how leading brands have used behavioral science and behavioral economics principles to drive revenue and consumer action for decades. Now, it’s healthcare’s turn. By understanding behavioral science and the intricacies of human behavior, healthcare can design more effective outreach that leverages these principles and techniques to lift engagement and drive behavior change.

Join us for the second installment of our Frictionless Healthcare webinar series! In part 2, Eden Brownell, Lead Behavioral Strategist, and Greg Gould, Engagement Strategist, will discuss how reciprocity motivates consumers to take healthier actions and give simple, yet effective ways health organizations can add behavioral science techniques to their engagement toolkit to improve outcomes.


Eden Brownell

Title: Director of Behavioral Science
Expertise: Behavioral Science, Sociology / Anthropology, Psychology


Greg Grould

Title: Senior Solution Engineer
Expertise: Healthcare Communication, Engagement Strategy, Marketing, Program Design