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Leveraging SMS for Health Plan Outreach

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Watch the on-demand webinar, Leveraging SMS Health Plan Outreach: Foundational Use and Best Practices, with mPulse's Chief Marketing Officer, Brendan McClure, and Senior Solution Design, Greg Gould, as they help inform health plans how to navigate SMS practices.

Watch to Learn About:

  • What makes for good and bad text message experiences for your members
  • The cost of not doing prior express consent
  • Best practices for avoiding missed opportunities to connect with your members, boost CTA's, & dispel TCPA myths

Featured Outcomes:

0 %
Improvement in AAP measure
0 PP
increase in redetermination rates

Greg Gould

Title: Sr. Solution Design
Organization: mPulse


Brendan McClure

Title: Chief Marketing Officer
Organization: mPulse