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The Efficacy of Leveraging Digital Channels to Improve Medication Adherence

Discover how mPulse partnered with a leading MA plan to assess digital channel efficacy in improving medication refill rates across Stars Part D measures and improve percentage of days covered (PDC)

What You Get

  • Access to a 9 page case study analyzing how different digital channels impact medication adherence rates across 3 key Part D quality measures
  • Insights into the digital engagement approach to medication adherence of a leading health plan, which covers 13 million Medicare Advantage members.
  • Outcomes generated from claims backed data proving the measurable impact of various digital channels.
  • How leveraging multiple touchpoints across different channels activates hard-to-reach and non-engaged members to improve adherence rates 

Key Insights

  • A breakdown of common barriers to medication adherence by channel 
  • Population and demographic insights to better understand adherent and non-adherent members
  • Medication non-adherence impact on quality improvement metrics and health outcomes
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